About Us

Your favourite stars are only clicks away!

We hear from fans all the time that a BuzzShout from your favorite star is something you didn't even know you wanted until you found out about it yourself!

Well, the secret is out!

When this idea was first hatching, we thought to ourselves that it would be fun to receive a personalized message from our favorite Musician, Sports Star, or even a TV Personality!

Having your favorite star take time to personally talk to you, or someone you know, makes for a really special gift on a birthday, special event or really any other day!

What we came up with was a way for stars to really touch peoples lives and brighten up their day. That is truly one of the biggest reasons we went forward with this idea. Spreading joy and happiness is really important in this day and age and it's something to get excited about, and we’re still excited!

Interested yet?

Send yourself, or someone else, a present that they’ll remember for years to come! Help celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, or, let's be honest, you don’t even need a reason! Order a personalized video message and get an experience of a lifetime that is both fun for you, and fun to share with others!

We also want you to know that a portion of revenue generated by BuzzShout is donated to charity. We truly believe that doing good things for people reaps benefits.

So, that’s our story...

Though it's been a long time coming from idea to fruition, we have a long way to go yet. If you decide to order a personalized video through us, we want to thank you! We truly couldn't do this without you.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy using BuzzShout, and from all of us at HQ, stay safe and have fun!

- The Team at BuzzShout