About Us

Your favourite stars are only clicks away!

BuzzShout is one of those things where you don’t know you want it until you see it, but once you see it, you definitely want to try it, too!

When this idea was first hatching, we just thought it would be fun to receive a message from a Sports Star or maybe a TV Personality, talking to you personally, and sent to you from a friend on, like, a birthday or something.

What we actually came up with is a way to touch peoples lives and brighten up their worlds, just for a second, and tbh that is the entire reason we even went forward with this idea. Spreading joy and happy tears is something to get excited about, and we’re still excited!

So! You should try it and send a birthday present they’ll remember for years to come! Help celebrate an anniversary! Heck, you don’t actually need ANY reason! Just get one for you or someone else, and get an experience thats fun for you, and fun to share with others!

And on the heart side of things, we want you to know that a portion of all revenues generated by BuzzShout are donated to charity. Right now that’s not a lot, but we’re hoping you think this is neat enough to try, and when that happens (’cause this IS pretty neat) there’ll be a lot more to give away.

So that’s the story..it’s not very long yet, but we’ve got a feeling it’ll get there! And hey, thanks for your time today. Hopefully you’ll enjoy using BuzzShout, and from all of us here at HQ / the spare room, stay safe and have fun!

- The Team at BuzzShout